How do I know if an item works? Why does it say 'untested'?

As you will see, many items are listed as 'untested' .  The reason we do not check the working condition is that our cataloging staff do not have training or tools necessary to check the working order of, or to troubleshoot, all items for any minor or major tweaks necessary to get it in working order.  

For instance, a DVD player may power on. But unless we hook it to a TV, find a DVD, play it through to see if it works, skips, etc, then we can't say the items works. We don't want to make any assumptions or guarantees that items are fully operational.  

If our clients are able, we rely on them to tell us if it is or if it is not working and make note of their comments on the file, but we make no guarantees about the working condition.  

Please note that we are not able to issue refunds for a item that is not in working order unless it is explicitly described as 'working'. Please bid accordingly.

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