Why limitations with the pickup time? Can I come a different day or time?

All auctions are listed with a specific pick up date and time, which must be followed. We have agreements set with the sellers, and the published time is the only time that pick up can happen.

Think of your invoice like a ticket to an event- that ticket is only good for the date and time as listed. If you show up too late, or a different day, the event has ended, and performers have all gone home and the stage is packed up. We can not hold a whole new event for that 1 ticket!

When you bid you are agreeing to come to pick up as it is listed on the auction. If you can not go that day, and can not find a friend to go for you, then please do not bid. If sending someone else, you just need to give them your 'ticket' (aka invoice).

We can not refund any lots not picked up, so please be sure you have a plan to get the items at the date and time listed.



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