What taxes am I subject to?

There is a buyer’s premium in effect, as well as the provincial or state tax applied to all purchases, as required by the government. However, there are two circumstances where the sales tax is not applied:

1. When you have a tax exempt certificate and it was approved by our accounting certificate. You can read about how to do this [here](http://support.maxsold.com/hc/en-us/articles/203275624-USA-Resellers-Tax-Exemption).Note that you have the burden of proving that a sale in the State/Province is not subject to sales and use tax. If in doubt, do not bid.

2. Gift certificates (with nominal values) are not charged sale tax. The tax is only charged directly to the user when they redeem it.

For example, we do not charge tax on a $50 cash-value certificate that you could spend in a restaurant. Only the buyer’s premium (and tax on the buyer’s premium) will be taxed. However, a $240 gift certificate to a show or spa treatment will be taxed as it offers a good or service.

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