What taxes am I subject to?

The provincial/state sales tax is applied to all purchases and 10% buyers premium on our website as it is required by the government. However, there are two circumstances in which sales tax is not applied:

(1) If you have a tax exempt certificate which has been approved by our accounting department.

If you can provide evidence that you have an exemption certificate for a business and complete the MaxSold exemption form prior to auction closing, MaxSold will not charge tax. Note that you have the burden of proving that a sale in the State/Province is not subject to sales and use tax. If in doubt, do not bid.

(2) Gift certificates for goods are not charged sale tax (only the buyer's premium is taxed). Tax is only charged directly to the user when they redeem it the certificate.

For example, a $50 restaurant gift card would not be taxed. However, a gift certificate valued at $200 for free admission to a show or spa would be taxed, as this is for a service.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact MaxSold Support (support@maxsold.com or 877-257-7799 ext 1). 

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