My credit card doesn't work

If you have entered your credit card information but it is not being accepted, please confirm that:

a) You are using a registered credit card (Note: American or Canadian VISA or Mastercard only).  A prepaid credit card will not be accepted until you have registered it under your name and address. (Please check the details is on the back of card or check the card's website directly.)

b) Make sure you are entering all the information correctly.  If you are redirected to the same form again, please check if there any fields marked in red..  

c) Double-check that you have entered the correct expiry date.

d) Ensure that you are not double-clicking on 'submit'

e) Delete the card, and try again. 

f) Contact your credit card company to verify that they are permitting your card to be validated with Maxsold

If any of above doesn't work, please contact MaxSold Support immediately at and we will check the back end system for you. Thank you!

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