How to transfer money via eMail Money Transfer

MaxSold is designed for sellers requiring a transparent and finite solution for clearing their goods, and for buyers requiring access to unique items near them.  

MaxSold accomplishes these goals for sellers and buyers through a number of ways including how payments are handled... 

  • Processing payments right after the auction closes so that the goal of paying seller fast can be a accomplished
  • Centrally handling credit cards so that there is transparency on what was collected (with buyers premium and tax)
  • Eliminates cash handling on-site for the safety/security of the team members on-site
When your Visa or Mastercard doesn't go through for your payment, MaxSold accepts Interac email money transfer as a one-time exception before suspending bidding privileges.  

We accept e-Transfers in Canada only, up to $10,000/day. Please send to with the invoice number in the message box so we can ensure it is applied correctly to your account. We are set up for Autodeposit so a password will not be required if you are sending from a financial institution that supports Autodeposit. If a password is required, please ensure that it is set to maxsold so that our accounting team can process it. Once your invoice is paid in full, and if the pickup time has not expired, you will be able to pick up the items you have won.

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