MaxSold Manifesto from Founder

Welcome to MaxSold.
Online auction sites come in various shapes and sizes and fit different purposes. Let me tell you about ours.  First, you need to meet our typical seller - Ms. Ethel...

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MaxSold was designed to solve a specific problem: The fact that people downsizing or settling estates need an economical, fast, and safe way to capture value for the many things they can no longer keep in their life. They are most often moving, typically to something much smaller, or they may be helping settle an estate. In either case, our job is to create a finite, safe, productive result for our seller, while being fair, convenient, and professional with buyers. Our rules are built with these two objectives in mind.
An important difference for buyer's to appreciate is that we are not the seller (like eBay); we do not typically have a warehouse full of like items (where we can replace the lot if it has damage), we do not ship, (so that our seller knows the auction is over at the end of bidding rather than dragging on while a buyer takes delivery and verifies condition), we target a "drive to" audience and we have previews where circumstances allow (so buyer's can take the time to inspect the item in person), we describe things as we reasonably can given that we are often describing many hundreds of items per day - but we do not guarantee accuracy, we do not accept returns (like on eBay), because our seller needs a finite experience.
We do our best to represent items as we see them and are subject to human error. We want to be the best resource for sellers needing to accomplish the above goals. We want to be fair, convenient, and professional with buyers. What we can't do is guarantee the items. They are almost always used, and as is, and described as we would want them described if we were buying or selling them- within the economics and time available. We have many hours of training for our team members to deliver on our commitments.
Please enjoy our site, consider the items available, and understand who and what we are and are not. Thousands of followers enjoy our site every day and live by our rules.
A few get excited and bid faster than they have considered the lot, and end up unhappy. We do not want our bidders to ever be unhappy, but we must insist each bidder take responsibility for their bids, payments, and removals, as per the auction terms.
Happy Bidding!
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