Is there a minimum and maximum number of items I have to sell?

MaxSold's commission on each "lot" (i.e. a collection of items to be sold together) is 30%. If you decided to do a seller-managed sale (in other words, you're doing your own photography, cataloging, and pickup), the minimum is $300. However, if you prefer our team to handle it, the minimum is $1000. You could read more about our service here:

Based on the commissions, we suggest you have at least 30 lots to host a MaxSold managed auction, as it is more economical for your time. The commissions cover cataloging, photography, marketing, online auction, preview (optional), pickup, invoicing, payment to the seller and the final settlement report. 

However, if you have less than 30 lots, it is better to host a Seller-manged sale. Don't worry. We have a cataloging app to help you through the process. 

Just keep in mind. A lot could be a pile of garden tools, a set of flatware, an oil painting, a car, or the entire storage unit. You could contact our sales representative first to determine if we are a good fit for you, or which auction service you should be doing. Please enter your information in the link above, or enter this callback form:

Thank you for your interest and we hope to serve you in the future. 

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