What are the restrictions on items that can be sold?

This list is subject to change as deemed appropriate.

Maxsold reserves the right to remove any item we deem unsafe, unlawful, unsanitary, unbecoming, or for any reason we find necessary to protect the integrity of our seller, the auction, or the Maxsold brand. Maxsold typically does not sell the following due to the above reasons (with some exceptions) and typically make up a nominal amount of the entire volume of excess stuff our sellers have in their homes:

  • Food / consumables (including alcohol, tobacco, medication, used cosmetics)
  • Dangerous Weapons (including guns, crossbows, etc.), Ammo, Traps, or parts thereof (Nerf, water, cap, paintball are usually okay)
  • Everyday clothing (though there are exceptions such as some furs, leather, unique, etc.)
  • Items related to endangered / hunting license required species (such as furs, ivory, etc) as well as taxidermy, antlers, skulls, bones
  • Regulated items (kids cribs/seats, fireworks, adult content, bio-hazards, mattresses, Technical hardware and software without proper documentation/passwords/etc., etc.)
  • Items not disconnected prior to cataloging for safety (Items connected or related to gas, electric, water, A/C, etc.)
  • Items intended to scam / deceive (counterfeit / fake items, some bullion, etc.)
  • Items representing the opposite of love, equality, and respect for one another (Nazi/Hitler paraphernalia, Black Americana, and other symbols of intolerance)
  • Recalled items


For a detailed breakdown of our DO NOT SELL Items, click here


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