How do I know what my item is worth?

Quite simply, there is no way to predict what an item will sell for. What an item sells for can be influenced by a variety of factors including:

  • Rarity
  • Condition
  • If items are collectible
  • If certificate of authenticity is provided

At MaxSold we do not cherry-pick which past sales to show you. All of our past sales can be found on our website at Furthermore, we also have our QuickWorth finder ( which will show you every past item we've sold and the price it was sold for.

To use the QuickWorth finder:

  1. Input name of item you want to search for (for example: record collection)
  2. View all past results of record collections MaxSold has sold in the past and the price it was sold for.

This process will help discover a competitive price for these items and ensure that you are made aware of its progress. Please note that you do not have to know what your items are worth in order for us to sell them.

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