What is Live View and how does it work?

The new bidding platform has something called Live View kicking in five minutes before the first item closes (eg. 7:55 PM for an auction closing at 8:00 PM) to make it easy to follow along items closing. In Live View, up to 40 items that are about to close will be displayed with no need to refresh to see the closing time or bid amounts.

Items are automatically removed from the view as soon as they close.

If you prefer the standard view, Turn Off Live View (which requires you to refresh the screen for time left and current bid amount).

Items will close in groups of eight every minute making it easy for you to follow along. If you are unfamiliar with the new system, we encourage you to put in your maximum bids.

Note that soft close is in effect - meaning that any bidding in the last two minutes of closing will extend the bidding time on that lot by two minutes.

(more info on soft close here)

Use maximum bid amounts - this will enable a more relaxed bidding experience!  

Maximum bids can be placed just like placing any other bid amounts, except that the system will bid on your behalf only as necessary and not reveal your maximum bid amount.

(more info on MaxBid here)

We encourage you to follow along if you can to see what auction close looks like.

Happy bidding!  

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