How was I outbid by an amount less than the minimum increment?

Because all bidders have the ability to place a MaxBid, you may find from time to time that you have been outbid by an amount that does not seem correct. 

For example, if your MaxBid was $100, yet you lost an item to another buyer who won for $101, here's why:

At 12:01PM, Lot 1 is at $35.

At 12:30PM, Bidder1 (yourself) places a MaxBid for $100.

Bidding continues and at 12:45PM, lot 1 is at $86.

At 12:46PM, Bidder2 places a MaxBid of $101.

Bidder2's bid is accepted since it is above the $5 minimum increment at the time (since the lot was at $86), and it also outbids your bid of $100.

As another example, if you place a MaxBid of $15 when lot 2 is at $5, why did the bid jump to $13.50?

The other bidder had a $12.50 MaxBid which is why when you put in the $15 MaxBid, it jumped to the next $1 increment from the $12.50 MaxBid to $13.50.


Note:  Increments are only used to calculate the minimum bid amount. If you submit a Max Bid on an item that already has a Max Bid by another user, then the user with the highest Max Bid wins.


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    Susan Roseberry

    A little confusing, but I'm sure I would understand it more, as it goes. 


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    From experience I know you will have it all figured out real soon and will be finding tons of items you will really save a lot of money with ..Have fun but don"t let a little competition get the better of you. It is easy to happen .I set a limit and stick to it. Welllll almost all the time LOL!


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