What is a pickup time category and why do I have to pay attention to it?

Pickup time categories are to help make the pickup process smooth and easy for everyone.  In order to help buyers get in and out of a pickup quickly and easily we utilize time slots based on what an item is and where it is located. Please view the auction listing for the items purchased, this will tell you what the time slot for that item is.


In general the items are broken down into 3 groups:

Category A – small  items (glass, collectibles, books, etc..) sitting on a bookshelf, in a china cabinet or other storage unit for sale – the SMALLS are Category A – they MUST be removed by the buyer before the Large cabinet can be taken out of the houseAnything that is in the WAY of something – ie., a table and chairs may be obstructing a buffet a hutch or even the rug underneath it – so That would be

Category B – anything larger that is on top of or in the way of another piece needs to be removed before the buyers for the larger items the rugs or items that were behind it can be taken out.

Category C –large items – china cabinets, tool containers, book cases, large rugs – all these items had things on them in them or in the way – and they need to be taken out last to make room for the buyer that needs to have space to carry their large pieces out without troubles

We also want to give the buyers of the small lots time and space to pack the items they are taking – Sometimes when we are aware that something will take time to take apart we will make that a Category A or B – so that the buyer will have the time they need to remove their purchases without feeling rushed. 


***If you have a china cabinet to take away – Please arrive at the correct time if the buyer of the china has not arrived you will not be able to remove your china cabinet until they have come – Also if you buy china please come at the time suggested so you have time to wrap and pack and that gives the buyer of the china cabinet easy access to their purchase -

***The end of the auction time listed – is the time we are contracted to be out of the house – if you show up at 11:55 and have 20 lots across all time categories and need an extra 2 hours to pack and remove your items – you may be billed for our staff time to accommodate  you tardiness. 

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