Why has my account been suspended?

Although your bidder account with MaxSold is free, it does come with responsibilities and moral obligations that are imperative to understand prior to bidding.  We make every effort to communicate these via emails, opt-in acceptance of terms and conditions, invoices, and other forms of communication.
As per these terms and conditions, MaxSold reserves the right to revoke bidding privileges if a bidder is found to be in violation of any of the terms agreed to.  This typically includes a failure to make payment or pickup but also includes poor / unsafe behavior onsite as well as trespassing.
If you believe you have been removed in error, or you would like to be considered for reinstatement into the MaxSold Community, please complete the following MaxSold Community Re-reinstatement Form.
Please note that your reinstatement may require payment for costs incurred by MaxSold as a result of your previous actions.
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