How do you actually get the word out to people locally?

The first thing we do once the client signs our contract is to start promoting the sale. Even if we don’t know when it’s going to happen, we know it’s going to happen in this area and so it goes on our website.

As soon as the auction goes online we do a couple of things that are divided into 2 big buckets; Static ads and Dynamic Ads.

We create static ads, the way most other sale of goods providers do, on lots of websites: Facebook, twitter,,  auctionzip, craigslist, kijiji, pinterest and a bunch of other aggregate sites. These ads help notify buyers when a sale is active in their area.

Dynamic ads are the big ones, and give us our competitive edge, these are targeted ads for people looking for certain things. So for example if someone goes on google and searches for something, depending what they’re searching for  if it has something to do with something in our sale in your area they will start to see ads for our company or google will pull up the auction results to the thing they’re trying to buy. So if they search for sterling silver tea set for sale google knows where they’re searching from , Seattle Washington, it knows that we have an auction going on in Seattle Washington right now and there is sterling silver in there and it will be a google hit on the first page. I’ve seen it on other pages, but that’s one example. If they’re on facebook and they’re talking to their friend about buying used or going to an estate sale our ads will start to follow them on Facebook and we’ll target regions within an hour and half of where the auction is. So that google, twitter Facebook, will target ads to those people. That's the most important way to target new people

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