How can I get more information about the catalog?

If you have question for a particular lot, please send your question to MaxSold ( with the question and the item link you are interested. 


If the auction is closed, the item might be sold or returned to the seller, as we do not take ownership for any items. Our service is to provide a platform for the seller to quickly downsizing their houses or business. 


If the auction is still live, we do not have more information than what's already present in the catalog and in the pictures (note that the description takes precedence over the pictures). We can try to find out more information, and if we do we will update the lot description. As we don't have teams travelling back and forth to the site this often isn't possible. 

We are not able to authenticate or check the working condition of items unless it is explicitly stated as such in the catalogue. This is because our business is setup this way to ensure we sell and clear all items within the time constraints imposed upon us; everything is 'as-is-where-is', and anything that is not picked up is considered abandoned.

In addition, we make the daunting challenge of selling contents within the time constrains possible utilizing a transparent, competitive bidding mechanism; which is why our terms and conditions are structured that way.

Thank you for your interest for MaxSold! 

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