Why my page of current bids are not updated during the final closing?

Frustration about not having the bids updated on your browser during the final closing?


Here is what the IT department has to say:

Usually, if the user still has the page active on his mobile device, a yellow band will display at the top of the page indicating a problem with the network connection.

But if the page is moved away from by opening another tab in the browser, the page would have stopped communicating with the server. This is a mobile browser reaction to save resources/battery. If a page minimized or loses focus, the page stops all communication.

In this case, the network communication message may not appear because the process that checks the server for updated information stops as well. The timer on the page would have continued to count down since the timer is a page level element and doesn't rely on communication with the server.


In summary, if you move away from the page by minimizing the browser or if your phone goes to the lock screen while you are watching, as soon as the page is displayed again, please refresh the page. This will ensure the page restarts communication with the server.

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