Permission for a Maxsold Auction Pickup - Unique Location and Logistical Considerations

Although MaxSold’s process is far less intrusive than traditional models (estate sales, live auctions, etc,), permission for the Maxsold pickup event is required in the case of storage facilities, apartment buildings, condominium corporations, homeowner associations (HOA’s), gates communities, etc. to ensure they are not shut down during the pickup (which is both expensive and time consuming for the Seller, the buyers, and Maxsold).  In general, if others in the complex are allowed to sell things through classified ads, there should be no issues with a MaxSold pickup as it provides more security (list of attendees), a strict pickup window, and no cash on site.

Be certain that you have informed us of any unique rules for the complex as well (i.e. storage facilities typically require that Maxsold not publish the address to the general public (only to the winning bidders), etc.).  Having a formal and documented confirmation of permission is highly recommended.

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