Do you ship items?


Why? Our process operates on a few fundamental constraints related to property access, security, and timelines.  Our mission to reliably and efficiently sell goods is based on these fundamental constraints which do not include the management of a shipping process / service.  All of our sales are given a specific pickup time, date and location, and this is when you are to be expected to retrieve any goods purchased. Please ensure that you have a pick-up solution before you bid. We will not have access to the location from which we sell at any time other than the scheduled the pick-up period. Therefore, items that are not picked up are considered abandoned.

Items can be picked up by someone on your behalf. Please provide them with a copy of your invoice (digital or print). They must also follow the same specific set times as listed in the auction.

If you wish, you can contact 3rd party shipping/delivery for the shipment/delivery of MaxSold purchases. These 3rd parties will also need to complete all moving, wrapping, packaging and labeling as this is not a service we provide. Check your local phonebook or search the internet for companies that can provide and end to end service from the auction location to your area. We no longer provide listings to service providers, as we can not verify if they can or will provide the services necessary at all locations. If you decide to use a 3rd party please note that you will still be responsible for items not picked up, even if you arrange with them and they do not show.

Please note that failing to pick up items you have won could mean that you may be suspended from any future bidding on our site. You are expected to take responsibility for your actions as it is your choice to bid on the items (as opposed to the sellers choice to sell - once it is in the auction, they are committed) and once you do, you are committed to that bid and all the responsibility that entails, regardless if you have decided to have someone else pick up for you.

If you do choose to have your items shipped note that this means you are waiving your right to inspect and review the items on site, meaning no further adjustments can be made if you find there were any discrepancies not noted in catalog, or if any items are missing and not in your shipment. 

Please remember that items need to be out BEFORE the end of the pickup time period, so be sure to arrive with enough time to pack and remove all your lots purchased. As well, bring appropriate help and assistance to carry items, our team members are not able to help carry or transport goods.

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