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What is a Seller Managed Sale?



  • MT Dolly Hall

    Please expand on the Seller Managed sale, especially the 30% & $300 Managed Fee.

    1.  Not quite sure what is meant by ( 30% < $300.00)

    o  Your commission rate is 30% of all the sold items.

    o  Your Management Fee ($300.00) for the Auction Site setup, advertisement etc...

    2.  So, are you saying if the sale of all items is (<) less than $300.00 it's 30% commission?  I just don't understand what #1 above is really saying.


  • Lorna Meichan Ball

    I found it a little confusing as well, maybe it needs to be worded, commission, 300.00 or 30% which ever is higher. and Management fees 0

  • G. Stephen Little

    What are the fees on maxsoldhandledsales


  • harrisonb

    For our Seller Managed model, where the seller is responsible for the photography, cataloging, and supervising pickup (while our team is responsible for the auction hosting, online advertising, and collection of payments ) the fee is the greater of $300 or 30%. (Discounts for single high-end items are possible when included in the auction, such as a $20,000+ vehicle.) Marketing is included – there are no up-front fees. Please read more about our service here:

  • Amy Osborn

    So what happens if your items only generate $300 in sales? Maxsold gets all the money? My understanding of the wording is this... $300 or 30%, whichever is more. So minimum $300?


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